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About your coach

A brief Bio of my coaching journey

Many years ago I was where you might be now. I was not enjoying life very much, it was as if something wasn’t quite right, life didn't seem to make sense personally or professionally, I was thinking, 'Surely there must be more to life than this?' Putting it bluntly I was unhappy and it was painful, so I started looking for answers.  Over the years that followed this search for a solution included me investing huge amounts of time, energy and money, studying the most up to date approaches to the mind. In fact it led to me gaining qualifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP and many other 'mind therapies' and practicing them professionally for nearly three decades. All this time, whilst I was getting great results for my clients, I still felt something was missing and so continued my research into both eastern and western approaches to the mind. At one point I even created a new therapy and registered it with the Complementary Therapy Association in the UK. However it wasn't until a few years ago when I began my coaching journey with the 'Three Principles', that  I discovered the elusive answers I'd been looking for. Fortunately, now this means my coaching clients don’t have to wait decades, like I did, to get the benefits of a happy life, that finally makes sense.

Why Having a Free Consultation Call is Recommended

Having a free consultations is useful because you get the opportunity to explore whether this type of coaching is right for you and whether it will meet your present needs, without obligation to book.
In addition people often come away from the consultation with some very deep insights about themselves and the way they are currently living their lives.

You can take the first step towards improving the quality of your life today...