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A 'Principles' based approach to discovering and unleashing your full potential and happiness.... whatever your life is like now.


For anyone who doesn't love themselves and their lives.... yet! 

What if there were Principles governing every aspect of your life and every one you know? What if every negative feeling you have ever experienced was a result of innocently resisting those Principles and every good feeling you've ever experienced was a result of being in harmony with those same Principles?

Might it be beneficial for you to learn how to work with these Principles and see how they are operating in your life and the life of everyone you Know?
(Hint: This understanding also helps you to have insights about your past and free you from that too)

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Are you interested in discovering peace of mind and better relationships?

Are you interested in unlocking your health, creativity and true wealth?

How might Three Principles Coaching benefit you and your life?

The Principles talked about here are natural Principles

Being natural they are like Gravity, they work whether you are aware of their existence or not. The more closely you are aligned with these natural Principles the more empowered and happy your life is.  The more you innocently fight these principles the more life seems a struggle and the more unhappy you are.

In fact as mentioned above all negative feelings are actually a signal that you are not acting in alignment with these Principles.

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About Me.

My name is Philip Knox, 

I help people to move through and beyond an intellectual understanding of the natural principles that govern all human experience, so that they can discover the true source of their emotional wellbeing, and enjoy a life they love, free from insecurity.

I have been helping people to enjoy better and healthier lives for more than 28 years. 

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